Top 5 Movies I Need to See

1.) HUGO-this movie got so many oscars I can’t even believe it! It got 5 Oscars for cinematography, visual effects, art direction, sound editing and sound mixing.  Also the preview for this movie is very intriguing with all of the different machines and the style they picked to go with the movie.  Hopefully this will be on Cinema Plus/Pay Per View soon!

2.)THE ARTIST-My parents both saw this movie and my mom loved it.  From all of the oscars they won I am guessing that it is really good and it looks really neat.  They won best director, the lead actor award for Jean Dujardin, costume design, best picture, and lastly best score.  I love the idea of making an old-fashioned film, with neat style, I definitely want to see this movie ASAP.

3.) THE DESCENDANTS-This movies Stars George Clooney and got great reviews.  What movie with Clooney isn’t great?  My parents also saw this but they hated it, they thought the plot was bad and the moral of the movie wasn’t right.  I want to see this and decide what I think.

4.)MIDNIGHT IN PARIS-Both my sisters and friends have seen this and said it was amazing…I am surprised it didn’t get more Oscars.  Also, this movie stars Owen Wilson from the well known Wedding Crashers, the movie that will always make me laugh.  My sister recently bought this movie on demand so I think I am going to watch it on my free time.

5.)MONEYBALL-This movie got nominated for a lot of awards but didn’t follow through with getting any oscars.  I really wanted to see this because Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are the two main characters are in it which would most definitely make it worth watching.


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