Child Stars to Fashion Icons: the OLSEN twins

The Olsen twins have been all over the television, in their first show Full House they were only 6 months old!!  From toddlers through teens they were in over 29 videos!  Here is a link to all of the shows and movies they have been in: Fame

Link to photo 

link to photo

Mary-kate and Ashley are top-notch fashion lovers.  They have three of there own clothing lines: The Row, Elizabeth and James, and lastly StyleMint.  The Row is very expensive and high-fashion but really cute, the cheapest thing I can find is $375 leggings haha.  Elizabeth and James is a step down from The Row price-wise and also super cute, if I could get anything it would be from this clothing line.  Next, Stylemint is a very affordable clothing line and is cute, but most of the clothes are plain or striped.

It’s amazing to have seen them transform from little girls to high fashion designers!

Here are some photos of them in there 2os

link to photos

This is a video of when The Row just came out in 2007, its so classy


Lastly, the Olsen twins just quite acting and are going to focus on fashion.  Here is a link to the article quiteacting


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