Livin’ Gluten Free

I have been Gluten free this whole year, including summer, and let me tell you its had its ups and downs! There is some good gluten free food, but trust me, nothings better then just a simple slice of apple pie.  My mom has been so awesome by making my sisters and I gluten free pastries and other great meals excluding gluten and they’re simple! A gluten free diet is very beneficial for a healthy, light feeling, which is why I have been able to keep myself on track! Most of my favorites foods can be made gluten free, so in reality, it really isn’t much of a sacrifice. Many people can suffer allergic reactions from gluten, including myself, which is a likely reason for people to exclude it from their diets. Gluten free diets are very common among professional athletes to maintain good health and a vibrant complexion, and I thought, why not give it a shot! I plan on maintaining this diet for a long time because it seems to have been very advantageous to my health and eating habits. Gluten free is definitely recommended to any of you out there as a healthy elimination from your diet, but with many substitutes and alternatives that allows you to eat most foods out there!


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