My Top 5 Favorite Photo Apps

5. Vintage Cam- This photo effecting app is free and has several different aspects to it.  You can take photos and videos, and put different kinds of filters on your photos from either your library or take it on the app.  I really like this app because of the amount of different filters and effects it has and how it is handy when you need a good effect quick. linktophoto



4. Hipstamatic- This is just like using a film camera except on a digital device.  This app is ranked one of the top best photo applications. linktophoto




3. Panorama-  This app is like using a very wide lens because it can capture a long or high range of a photo.  I use this when I want to take a picture of something bigger and doesn’t fit my lens. linktophoto


2. Genius-  This app also can take videos and photos and can make a lot of different effects.  This app is different because you can use photos you already took from your library so it is very handy! linktophoto




1. Camera+- This is my all time favorite because of the AMAZING effects, it makes any picture look great and you can also post your photos to Facebook, twitter, or instagram.  I usually just save them in my library and upload them off of my Facebook app. linktophoto

If you have any of these apps or have any other great photo effecting app, share!


One thought on “My Top 5 Favorite Photo Apps

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