Once A Year Trip To Big Bear, California

My family has made a tradition of going to Big Bear every Winter Break.  We have gone four years in a row, and left with such great memories that still to this day make me laugh.  From going up the wrong ski lift, to funny board game mistakes, Winter Break always seems to have a lasting effect on my family. We have never been away from our house on the actual Christmas day but we usually go the day after to Big Bear.  This is because we can’t not be in our own house with our own Christmas tree and decorations filling the house on the best day of the year!  Ya I know, why would I be talking about Christmas time in March, going into Spring Break… this is because I took so many photos in Big Bear this year and never got to post them! Well here is the photos of my family and I, enjoy!

Emma and I ❤

Anthony(sisters boyfriend) and Natalie

Michelle on a Saucer

Me getting snow thrown at me


One thought on “Once A Year Trip To Big Bear, California

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    Great work! Big Bear looked fun!!

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