Best New Restaurant in Santa Barbara: Cielito

I recommend you get over to the new restaurant everyone is talking about.  It features a taqueria and a full service restaurant, that has Mexican fusion cuisine.  That restaurant is Cielito, located in La Arcada in, Downtown Santa Barbara.  My mothers BEST friend, Karen Phillips, is actually one of the owners of this hot-spot and we have reaped the benefits of being on the inner circle.

First off, the menu is to die for.  Everything from Tamales to Ceviche is made fresh with the best local ingredients.  You can really taste the difference!  Secondly, the setting of this restaurant is stunning from the hanging lights, to the gold mesh curtains, to the marble floor, everything is top-notch.  This place is a treat for your eyes and your stomach. If you do not have time for a leisurely meal, stop by the Taqueria where you can get food to go!

Here are some highlights of this place:

Outstanding Chefs

linktophoto, linktophoto, linktophoto, linktophoto, linktophoto, linktophoto

Hope you love it as much as I do!



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