Natalie’s Artwork

Natalie, my sister, has always been a great artist from oil paintings to watercolors, she can do it all.  Throughout high school she was in VADA which is the Visual Arts and Design Academy where she made so many beautiful pieces of art that I admire to this day.  On top of being a great artist, she has an eye for styling and fashion.  She has enough clothes for the whole world to wear and by being her sister I have the advantage to wear them.

Here are a few pieces of Natalies work(recent work):

My Favorite Piece of Hers

Nathan Followill_Kings of Leon Drummer

Kate Moss

Goleta Lemon Festival Poster

Oil Painting of my cousin Carrie Smith

Mother Mary (spanish style)

Natalie has been such an inspiration towards me because she never gives up on her artwork even if she doesn’t think it is going in the right direction.  For me, it’s really hard to stick to doing something like painting because it takes a lot of patients.

Love Ya Nat~

_gabrielle goss

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