Cutest Store of the Year: BRANDY <3 MELVILLE


For three years now, I have been enjoying the lovely store Brandy Melville and there great prices.  From being used to Santa Barbara stores like LF and Freepeople, I thought that there wasn’t any good priced stores with cute high-fashion clothes.  This all turned around when I went to Santa Monica to visit 3rd street Promenade and came upon this life changing store.  Also, just recently they made an online store that has super cute clothes also but for me, nothings like going into the store and getting the whole experience of hundreds of different choices.  If you don’t live near a Brandy Melville then visit the website: Brandy Melville Website.

Here is a collage I made of some of my purchases I’ve made in the past:



As you can tell I really like this store… and thats not even half of the stuff.  I’m telling you, visit the store and your life will be changed.  Visit the website link above^



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