Coachella Inspired Fashion

Looking good for Coachella in the fashion world is really big nowadays and many stores are picking up on the fact that so many people are looking for an outfit to wear.  Forever 21, LF, Asos, Planet Blue, Free People, and so many more stores dedicate this time of the year to having their own ‘Festival Look’.  The only thing that sucks about Coachella is how expensive it is, the most expensive choice there is is $1885!!!!  I wish I could go so bad, my favorite bands are going! Here is the line-up.

Here is a few of my favorite looks stores have put together on Coachella inspired looks:

Free People Looks

effortlessly cute

2 c00L


LF Looks


Cowboy Boots

Shiny Glasses-HUGE TREND


So much cute clothes, so many different looks to go for.  If I were to go to Coachella I would wear my crochet top, lace bra, shorts, and boots.  I hope this gave you some good looks to go for!



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