About Me

I am Gabrielle Liberty Goss and I have a problem.  I am a SHOPaholic, FOODaholic, MUSICaholic, and MOVIEaholic.  I like a lot of different music including rap, hip-hop, techno, and RnB.  Also, I like a lot of food, but recently I found out that I am allergic to gluten so I have been eating a lot of gluten free bread and gluten free cereal.  It sucks when you are at a birthday party and someone offers you a big piece of chocolate fudge cake and you have to turn it down because it has gluten in it :(.  Next, my all time FAVORITE thing to do is shop, and how great is it having new clothes, I have been trying to find stores that are cute but don’t cost too much money, but always end up wanting clothes from LF, Urban Outfitters, Free People, or Kitson.  Lastly, I ❤ movies, I like genres from comedic to romantic, so pretty much a wide range.  My blog is just my life and I am sharing what I like and why I like it so please visit my blog ladies and gents!

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