A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky just came to The Majestic Ventura Theater three weeks ago and everyone that went said that he was so good.  I wish that I could’ve gone! I love all of his music and his style.  I just noticed that in all of his songs he says the same line “I be that pretty mothaf$@, harlems what I’m repping, Tell my niggas quit the b@#tching and we gon’ make it in a second”.  His voice kinda resembles Tyga’s and Wiz Khalifa’s, but his is different in his own way.  My favorite song by him right now is Wassup.

Here are my top three favorite songs by him:

Listen to him, he is so good!!


The Best of Rosie

The Best of Rosie

Rosie was born in the United Kingdom and started modeling as a young teen.  She has definitely gotten around town from modeling for Burberry to being a Victorias Secret ANGEL.  I am also obSESSED with her style.  Every time I … Continue reading

Favorite Pins From Pinterest

Favorite Pins From Pinterest

I got my Pinterest account roughly 2 months ago and I really enjoy it.  I love the fact that you can repin other peoples pins if you like them, and put them into your own categories of pins.  Once you … Continue reading

Neat Drawings I Came Upon





All of these photos have a different feeling and mood that makes them individually unique.  I love the original strokes and florescent colors that are in the bottom two photos.  In the top two photos, the clean lines make the drawings seem clean and preppy, making the colors they chose against the black to really pop.  If you also like these click on the links to see more!


The Best of Terry Richardson

These are all of my favorite pictures that are from Terry’s Diary.  He takes such cool photos and inspires me to take photos!  I am always pleased by his new photos, and I love it when he takes pictures of people that I love like Paul Rudd, Lana Del Ray, Kate Moss, E.C.  If you also love Terry’s Diary and have better photos to share let me know! linktophotos


Kony a Phony?

Joseph Kony has become the nationwide topic of conversation as the United States has gained awareness of the severe issues currently taking place across the world, particularly in Uganda and the Kongo. Joseph Kony has topped the chart of criminals most wanted for his heinous act abducting children and forcing them to serve in his army rebel force causing fear and constant worry every day and night for families inhabiting Uganda. The tremendous destruction and tragedy he has inflicted on thousands of people in Africa has given him the name as the most hated man in the world and directed our nation’s attention and interest in the devastating affairs taking place across the world. Kony has become a very consequential figure, and lead people to ask the question: Should we make this man famous in order to arrest him?

If you have a strong opinion on this topic please share!

Child Stars to Fashion Icons: the OLSEN twins

The Olsen twins have been all over the television, in their first show Full House they were only 6 months old!!  From toddlers through teens they were in over 29 videos!  Here is a link to all of the shows and movies they have been in: Fame

Link to photo 

link to photo

Mary-kate and Ashley are top-notch fashion lovers.  They have three of there own clothing lines: The Row, Elizabeth and James, and lastly StyleMint.  The Row is very expensive and high-fashion but really cute, the cheapest thing I can find is $375 leggings haha.  Elizabeth and James is a step down from The Row price-wise and also super cute, if I could get anything it would be from this clothing line.  Next, Stylemint is a very affordable clothing line and is cute, but most of the clothes are plain or striped.

It’s amazing to have seen them transform from little girls to high fashion designers!

Here are some photos of them in there 2os

link to photos

This is a video of when The Row just came out in 2007, its so classy


Lastly, the Olsen twins just quite acting and are going to focus on fashion.  Here is a link to the article quiteacting

Collage of Famous Faces

For this collage, I included people that I love and/or look up to.  On the bottom left there is a picture of Jay-z and Kanye West, next to them is lil Wayne, and above lil Wayne is Zach Galifianakis.  Also, on the right side of Zach there is a picture of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon together, and on the right to them is Kid Cudi but you can barely see him because of the bright flash.  I wanted to make this collage because I have a lot of magazines that I never look at more than once so I decided to make use of them and cut out people, places, and things.  I sorted a pile of pictures I cut out and picked my favorite ones and just made it kind of into a scene or landscape.  There were props in it too like the cat on the left side and the Beverly Hills sign on the top middle.  After putting them in the places I wanted them to be, I used double-sided tape and taped them onto a blank sheet of white paper.  Using my imagination I drew shapes and bodies onto the people and props.

Here is the collage I made!

Do people even make collages on paper with pens anymore?  Everything now is made on the computer.  Sometimes I just like to do random collages and I feel more original if I handmade it.  I know its random, but what ever! I am random