New Pinnings of the Week

I have found such great pins sense the last time I posted my pins.  Hope you enjoy them!


These photos are really random but they were all in different boards!  I have a board on Cute Animalz, My <3’s, My Style, Girlz, Me, Room Inspiration, Favorite Places and Spaces.  Visit me-> Follow my pins! Gabrielle Goss

Comfiest Sports-bra’s Ever!

I got these bras from this store called LF in Santa Barbara, California.  They are good to wear under a flowy or low-cut shirt, to workout in, and also as a bathing suit.  The material is SO SOFT! I also sleep in these because of how soft they are! If you ever see bra’s like this I am telling you, you will get a lot of use out of it!

I found some bras that look similar to these that you can buy online! check it out

#1, #2, #3, #4!


This Weeks Polyvore Sets: Feat. DivineFeminine

This week I am dedicating my polyvore post on my sisters new sets that I have really loved.  She has always been way better at this than me, well she is 20, and she is the one who showed it to me :).  Natalie‘s polyvore’s sets are very clean and perfect.  She always knows just what to pair with what, like a random green bag that looks amazingly cute with an orange shirt.  Ya I know sounds like a weird combo but Natalie knows what she is doing.

I have been telling Natalie that she needs to work for a magazine where she picks cute clothing that are good with each season because she is so good at that stuff!! The only thing that sucks is that nowadays it is really hard to do what you are good at like being in fashion or style or being a great writer.  We have such amazing talents in each individual, if only there was good job openings because most places that you’d like to work at wouldn’t be hiring!  :/

Ok well back to Natalies sets, here are my favorite new sets:

Untitled #170
Untitled #167
Untitled #157
  Aren’t they cute! Well I think they are, follow natalie! @divinefeminine.
Newest Polyvore Sets

Newest Polyvore Sets

Every week I have been posting a few new sets that I made during the week.  This week I only have two new sets, but next week I will have a lot more! Here They Are: Stripes & KATE ❤ … Continue reading

The Perfect Coachella Glasses

Now being my second post on Coachella, I am going to show some cute and trendy glasses that would be perfect to wear to Coachella.  This year, the new look for sunglasses is having a tinted mirror lens with a colored rim.  There are a few other sunglasses that I have also found fashionable.

Revo Lens


mirrored Lens


Plastic Brow


Colored Mirror Lens


Clicking on the links under the sunglasses will direct you to the website wear they are sold!


Natalie’s Artwork

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Natalie, my sister, has always been a great artist from oil paintings to watercolors, she can do it all.  Throughout high school she was in VADA which is the Visual Arts and Design Academy where she made so many beautiful pieces of … Continue reading

Holiday Mamasita!

My mom, Lauren Goss, has a very delightful blog about the traditions and holidays throughout the year.  There are posts about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and St Patricks day, to recipes on all of her favorite meals.  My favorite post she has made would definitely be the Christmas post.  This is probably because Christmas is the best holiday at my house, we go all out.  If you go to my moms blog you can visit all of her different postings on delicious recipes to amazing traditions.  Lastly my mom has been such an inspiring aspect to my blog by how she sets up her layout and how she has amazing writing following each post.Check her out! Holiday Mamasita

A Few of my Favorite Photos:

Yummy Chocolate Strawberries!

Delicious Twice-Baked Potatoes!

The One and Only Holiday Mamasita!~

Neat Drawings I Came Upon





All of these photos have a different feeling and mood that makes them individually unique.  I love the original strokes and florescent colors that are in the bottom two photos.  In the top two photos, the clean lines make the drawings seem clean and preppy, making the colors they chose against the black to really pop.  If you also like these click on the links to see more!


My Top 5 Favorite Photo Apps

5. Vintage Cam- This photo effecting app is free and has several different aspects to it.  You can take photos and videos, and put different kinds of filters on your photos from either your library or take it on the app.  I really like this app because of the amount of different filters and effects it has and how it is handy when you need a good effect quick. linktophoto



4. Hipstamatic- This is just like using a film camera except on a digital device.  This app is ranked one of the top best photo applications. linktophoto




3. Panorama-  This app is like using a very wide lens because it can capture a long or high range of a photo.  I use this when I want to take a picture of something bigger and doesn’t fit my lens. linktophoto


2. Genius-  This app also can take videos and photos and can make a lot of different effects.  This app is different because you can use photos you already took from your library so it is very handy! linktophoto




1. Camera+- This is my all time favorite because of the AMAZING effects, it makes any picture look great and you can also post your photos to Facebook, twitter, or instagram.  I usually just save them in my library and upload them off of my Facebook app. linktophoto

If you have any of these apps or have any other great photo effecting app, share!

The Misery of Zero Period

Zero Period.  WELL… lets just say it F@#$ sucks.

FIRST OF ALL I am number one procrastinator so I don’t finish my homework till an average of 1 am.  I have to wake up at 5:30 to be on time soo thats only 4 and a half hours of sleep.  The lack of sleep effects my school work and ability to pay attention in class completely, and makes it almost impossible to stay in a conscious state. The average amount of sleep recommended for a girl my age is 8 hours, and I’m hardly getting half of that.  The small amount of sleep I get leaves me mentally and physically drained by the end of the day, when I should be doing my homework a nap is always the better alternative.

There has been studies on lack of sleep and how it is keen for having the right mindset during class.  Like this article states, ” Sleep is needed to regenerate certain parts of the body, especially the brain, so that it may continue to function optimally. After periods of extended wakefulness or reduced sleep neurons may begin to malfunction, visibly effecting a person’s behavior.”-SerendipUpdate.  Obviously there is a lot of research and information that proves how bad it is to have lack of sleep


If you have dealt with the misery I have to go through, share!