Jade Emily Australia!

Jade Emily Australia!

On Instagram I came upon this user who posted really cute clothing and it happened to be jade emily.  They post super cute clothes/jewelry and I thought that I would check out the website that they posted on there instagram … Continue reading

Top 5 Favorite Social iPhone Apps

5. Voxer– is like a walkie talkie where you can communicate with friends through audio, video, and text messages. It’s a great new way to have quick and entertaining conversation with friends! Forget telling long stories that take ages to type through text messages because Voxer allows you to easily tell your friends anything in no time! linktophoto

4. Draw Something- is a very fun social game to play with friends! You choose between three objects to draw and sketch them to your best ability for your friends to guess! The longer the streaks of correct guesses the more your record goes up! It really is an entertaining and creative way to play games in a social electronic environment! linktophoto

3. Snapchat- has become the new iPhone hot commodity! This app enables you to send hysterical pictures with a short caption to your friends that they can only see for a short amount of time and then it disappears forever! This has become the most popular way to communicate with friends through pictures that never fail to make you laugh. linktophoto

2. Facebook- is the #1 most popular social website on the internet today! iPhone allows people to access this addicting site through an app for a very accessible way to receive notifications, messages, and get updated on the social scene. I can always depend on Facebook to keep me updated and to communicate with friends through pictures, videos, status’, and messaging! linktophoto

1. Instagram- definitely earns the rating of my #1 favorite social iPhone app! It is undeniable that people cannot resist the temptation to click on instagram to see their friends latest picture postings! The unique aspect of this app is the ability it gives you to put effects, borders, and edits to your pictures for the viewing pleasure of all of your friends. Instagram is an easy way to keep up with your friends activity through photos of all kinds, whether posted from a celebrity, friend, or company! linktophoto

I have also just began to use Pinterest and I really like it, if you have any social apps that you love or find handy comment!

-Gabrielle Goss