Laugh, It’s Good For You


First off, I have came up on this hilarious app called iFunny and I haven’t gotten off it until now.  If you are in a bad mood and don’t know what to do, download this app and your day will be brighter then it has ever been.  These are probably my favorite photos from iFunny:




Hahah this one is too accurate!

Next, I also love this blog called #Whatshouldwecallme!  It is so funny, it is full of clips with a description under it like this:

if this doesn’t show up then click on the link above and visit the website!!


Palm Springs Paradise

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Spring break finally arrived and our highly anticipated trip to Palm Springs finally came! The temperature was complete perfection that allowed for great bronzes and a week lounging in the sun and sipping on poolside smoothies! Spring is definitely here, … Continue reading

Holiday Mamasita!

My mom, Lauren Goss, has a very delightful blog about the traditions and holidays throughout the year.  There are posts about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and St Patricks day, to recipes on all of her favorite meals.  My favorite post she has made would definitely be the Christmas post.  This is probably because Christmas is the best holiday at my house, we go all out.  If you go to my moms blog you can visit all of her different postings on delicious recipes to amazing traditions.  Lastly my mom has been such an inspiring aspect to my blog by how she sets up her layout and how she has amazing writing following each post.Check her out! Holiday Mamasita

A Few of my Favorite Photos:

Yummy Chocolate Strawberries!

Delicious Twice-Baked Potatoes!

The One and Only Holiday Mamasita!~

A Few of My Favorite Things That I Couldn’t Live Without

Make-Up Essentials

  • Smashbox, photo finish color correcting foundation primer:   This foundation primer works best when used before you apply any foundation or concealer.  It evens your skin tone and softens your face.  I have been using this for about 4 months since I came upon it at Sephora.  While getting my makeup done at Sephora, the lady pointed out that I should try and use this primer before I apply my foundation because it will make your complexion smoother and easier to rub in your makeup.  I decided to get it and boy was she right.  I highly recommend making this purchase because it will make your face feel less caeky and more soft and smooth!  linktophoto
  • DiorSkin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup:  For me, it has always been hard to find the right foundation that fits my skin tone and conceals at the same time.  Before using this I used Make-up Forever sold at Sephora and  didn’t love it because it made my makeup look thick and cakey and it felt like I was wearing  a mask that didn’t  fit my skin tone.  Now that I have found this great foundation I am so happy because it feels really light and conceals redness and  irritation of the skin perfectly.  This foundation is pretty expensive but I think its worth the extra money because  it works and makes you feel your best!  I recommend buying this online at Sephora.  linktophoto
  • Jane Iradel Mineral Foundation:  Being a BareMinerals lover, I came upon this gem at Planet Beauty in Santa Barbara (a beauty supply store where I live).   This is a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one, but I tend to put this on over my other foundation because it gives me a smoother look. Being rated 5 stars on every single review, you will be guaranteed an amazing complexion and will be worth every dollar you spend!  You  can buy this online at the Jane Iradel Website.  linktophoto
  •  Maybelline Mascara:  I have been using this mascara for 2 years and love it.  I’ve tried using the other Maybelline mascaras but the define-a-lash green one is my favorite because you can have it for several months without it getting old and clumpy.  The orange Covergirl mascara I used before the maybelline would get bad and clumpy in a very short time! I think this is a very worthwhile  purchase because it works well and lasts along time which will save you money, even in the short run.  You can get this mascara at: drug stores, Walmart, and Target.  Link to photo 

If you  love makeup as much as me, I highly recommend  an app called Makeupally.  On this app  you can read reviews on makeup products based on people with your skin type. linktophoto

The Best of Terry Richardson

These are all of my favorite pictures that are from Terry’s Diary.  He takes such cool photos and inspires me to take photos!  I am always pleased by his new photos, and I love it when he takes pictures of people that I love like Paul Rudd, Lana Del Ray, Kate Moss, E.C.  If you also love Terry’s Diary and have better photos to share let me know! linktophotos